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Communications Tools and Resources

The CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems has produced a number of communications tools, guidelines and resources (including corporate materials, templates, logo sets, branding guidelines, posters and more) to assist scientists, partners and communications specialist to acknowledge research outputs to the program as appropriate.

Acknowledgment and Branding

  •   Acknowledgment Guidelines and Disclaimer (PDF)

This document provides simple step-by-step guidance on suggested language for apppropritely acknowledging research outputs that are funded by or mapped to the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems, based on different levels of funding support received. 

  • Branding Guidelines and Toolkit(PDF)

This document has been developed for all staff working across the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems and partners. 

  • Dryland Systems Program Business Templates

This is the set of branded corporate templates to be used by all program staff to capture, document and present program research activities.

Agendas BusinessFolder - Certificate - Invitation - Letterhead - Minutes - Newsletter - PowerPoint - Report Report template


Writing and Style Guidelines

  • Outcome Story Toolkit (PDF)

The toolkit can be used by program scientists, communications specialists and partners to document and share research outcome stories. The document describes the critical elements of an outcome story, highlights the benefits of developing research outcome stories for scientists, and includes a simple self-check tool to guide the writing process. 

  • How to Write a Success Story: Guidelines and Template (PDF)

These guidelines can be used by program scientists, communication specialists and partners to draft short and specific success stories that demonstrate the impact of Dryland Systems interventions, which can be published in the program website.

  • Blogging Guidelines and Template (PDF)

Logos and Icons

  • Dryland Systems Program Logo (Brown)

Adobe Illustrator(zip file)PNG (large scale)

  • Agricultural Livelihood Systems Icons

PNG (large scale) : Pastoral Agro-Pastoral Rainfed Tree-Based  Irrigated

  • Strip of Program Partners Logos

Partners one row - Partners split

  • Dryland Systems Program CGIAR partners logos

Adobe Illustrator(Zip file): ICARDA ICRISAT Bioversity CIAT CIP ICRAF ILRI IWMI


Program Promotional Materials

  • Dryland Systems Banners

Set of roll-up banners on program vision, mission and work approach with different region-specific visuals.

Our vision – Central Asia | Our vision – East Africa  | Our mission – Central Asia | Our mission North Africa | How we work – Central Asia | How we work – South Asia

This is a one-page flyer that provides a quick overview of the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems.

This is a four-page brochure that provides a quick summary of the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems​

Set of posters about the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems.

  • Branded Video Closing Frame - (PDF)

Suggested visual for branding videos produced by the program.

More information:

For questions on branding, acknowledgement or logo use, please feel free to contact Tana Lala-Pritchard, Communications Program Coordinator.