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Mohammed Badraoui

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Director General


Mohammed Badraoui is the Director General of the National Agronomic Research Institute, Rabat, Morocco. He holds a  PhD in soil science from the University of Minnesota, USA in 1988 and a Master of science in agronomy from the Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Sciences, Rabat, Morocco in 1981.

Previously he was the Director of combating Desertification & Nature Protection at the High Commissariat for Water, Forest & Combating Desertification and Professor of soil science at the Institute of Agronomy & Veterinary Medicine Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco.

Dr. Badraoui's research has focused on natural resources inventory and mapping using both classical methods and geomatics, soil mapping for land management, irrigation, rain-fed agriculture, forest & and range-management; soil fertility management and crop fertilization/fertigation, soil salinity management under irrigation for intensive cropping systems, evaluating sustainability of cropping systems, clay mineralogy & soil behavior with respect to water and nutrients, eboration and evaluation of agricultural development projects in arid and semi arid areas.