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Mohammed Karrou

Role in Dryland Systems: 

Action Site Coordinator, Saiss (Morocco)

Home organization: 

International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Position in home organization: 

Water and Drought Management Specialist


Dr Mohammed Karrou is the Water and Drought Management Specialist at ICARDA and the Coordinator of the CRP Dryland Systems in the Action Site of Meknes-Sais . He holds a PhD in Agronomy/Crop Physiology from the University of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA in 1992 and an MS in Agronomy from the University of Missouri Columbia, USA in 1986.

Before joining ICARDA in August 2007, Dr Karrou worked, for over 20 years, as a Scientist at INRA-Morocco at the the Dryland Research Center or “Centre Aridoculture” in Settat, Morocco, 10 years of which, as the Head of Agronomy Department. The areas of his research were, Agronomy, Stress physiology and Water management in Agriculture. He was a coordinator of many European projects on Agronomy and Phenotyping of barley and wheat for drought tolerance, member of many international research networks and committees; among them are “Water use efficiency Network” coordinated by CIHEAM Bari, Italy (1994-1998), “Thematic Working Group of the Rainfed Agriculture program” of CIHEAM Zaragoza for the Mediterranean countries (1998-2004)”. He served also as national leader of the “On-farm Water Husbandry” (1996-2000) and “Rainfed Benchmark” (2004-2005) projects coordinated by ICARDA.

At ICARDA, Dr Karrou, was the Regional Coordinator of several projects such as “Water Benchmark” project (2007 – 2013), “Improved Water Management for Sustainable Mountain Agriculture” project (2010 – 2014), “Development and Dissemination of Sustainable Irrigation Management in Olive Growing” project (2010-2014), “Supplemental irrigation project” in Libya (2010-2011). In addition to the coordination of projects, Dr Karrou has been conducting personal research on aspects related to Crops water productivity, Nitrogen use efficiency and drought tolerance.