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Akmal Karimov

Role in Dryland Systems: 

Center Focal Point, IWMI

Home organization: 

International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Position in home organization: 



Akmal Karimov has an academic background in hydro-engineering and hydrogeology.  He has PhD from the Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

During his 9 year tenure at IWMI, Akmal has been managing/coordinating several projects including: Bright Spots project, led by IWMI and implemented jointly with ICARDA and ICBA; Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Central (Phase I – Phase V) funded by OFID, Lift Irrigation project funded by WLE and other projects.  In addition to the research component, Akmal is Head of IWMI Central Asia sub-regional office since 1 September, 2013. Akmal has contributed to the institute’s research on managed aquifer recharge and water and energy nexus in the Syrdarya and Amudarya River basins. The results of his research have been published in such outlets as the Agricultural Water Management, the Hydrogeology Journal, Water Policy and Water International.  He also has been active in capacity building of local institutions of Central Asia through supervising MSc and PhD students. Prior to joining IWMI, Akmal was associated with ICARDA Central Asia Regional Office, The Institute of Water Problems under the Academy of Science of Uzbekistan and The Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration. He has research experience in all Central Asia states.