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Murari Singh

Role in Dryland Systems: 

Biometrics & Statistics Section

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Position in home organization: 

Senior Biometrician


Dr. Murari Singh is the Senior Biometrician and Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director General – Research at the International Center for Agricultural Research for Dry Areas (ICARDA). He holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Statistics, with a Major in Design of Experiments and Minors in Genetic Statistics and Agricultural Economics, from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India. He is a Professional Statistician accredited by Statistical Society of Canada. Over the past 38 years, he has served in various capacities, including assistant professor, associate professor, scientist, statistician and senior biometrician – at three Indian institutions, three North American Universities and two CGIAR (Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research) Centers. 

Dr. Singh has been rendering statistical consultancy in the areas of agro-biological, environmental and socio-economic research, and has developed effective biometrics and statistics services through the implementation of advanced applied biometrical and statistical techniques in areas, including: design of experiments and surveys, and modelling of data (balanced and partially balanced incomplete block designs, row and column designs, use of multi-auxiliary information in sample surveys, modelling of heterogeneity in field trials); Biometrical Genetics (joint scaling tests using multi-traits, crossover-type GxE interaction, inter-site transferability, rationalization of test locations, precisions of heritability and genotypic correlation, partial diallel crosses designs); Molecular marker data analysis (optimum sample size for diversity and clustering); spatial analysis of field experiments; Bayesian analysis of field experiments and diversity indices; Intercropping experiments (bivariate correlated error model, stability of a system, stochastic optimal allocation of land resources); Statistical methods in long-term trials and longitudinal data analysis (modelling covariance structures, determination of time to detect significant yield-trends); Robust statistical inference; and Statistical distributions and Econometrics (Two-stage least squares estimator; behaviour of sample CV, sampling distributions of Gini’s coefficients).

He has jointly published over 160 journal articles. He is currently serving as an Associate Editor on two journals in Statistics and was a Guest Editor for a Journal. He has served as the Sessional President of the 67th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics and delivered a talk on “Statistical Research Issues in Crop Experiments for Enhancing Food Security Support” on 18 December 2013. He has contributed to the development of databases on Long-term Trials, Seed Management and a Data-care project.

Dr. Singh has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students (4 years in a Canadian University) and has conducted over 100 in-country/regional short-term specialized training courses in statistics and computer applications at ICARDA since 1989. He has guided more than ten students of M.Sc. degrees, Post-graduate diplomas and Ph. D. degrees in Statistics, Genetics and Plant and Animal Breeding.