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Meet the team

Independent Steering Committee

The Independent Steering Committee is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the program to ensure appropriate allocation of resources; approves the annual work plan, strategies and governance documents; and monitors program implementation in terms of science quality and excellence.

Name Role in the Independent Steering Committe/ Home organization 
Harry Palmier Chair, Global Forum on Agricultural Research
Coen Ritsema SC Member, Wageningen University
Barron Orr SC Member, University of Arizona
Jeffrey Herrick SC Member, USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range
Aboubakar Njoya SC Member, CORAF/WECARD
Bernard Hubert SC Member, CIRAD
Ram Krishna Bhatt SC Member, CAZRI
Mohammed Badraoui SC Member, INRA-Marocco
Tony Simons SC Member, ICRAF
David Bergvinson SC Member, ICRISAT
Mahmoud Solh SC Ex-Officio Member, ICARDA
Margret Thalwitz SC Ex-Officio Member, BOT-ICARDA
Richard Thomas SC Ex-Officio Member, CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems

Research Management Committee

The Research Management Committee (RMC) is directly responsible for the overall coordination and management of the program’s research implementation. The RMC is composed of representatives of the eight partner centers, the five flagship coordinators, and is chaired by the program director. The Committee reviews the annual work plans and budgets developed at flagship and global levels to ensure consistency, integration, and appropriate budget allocation across the program. Once cleared by the RMC, work plans, budgets, strategies, and other governance documents are submitted to the Independent Steering Committee for approval.

Name Role in Research Managment Committe
Richard Thomas Chair
Andrew Noble Centre Coordinator, ICARDA
Anthony M. Whitbread Center Coordinator, ICRISAT
Mauricio Bellon Center Coordinator, Bioversity
Lulseged Tamene Desta Centre Coordinator, CIAT
Philippe Monneveux Center Coordinator, CIP
Jan de Leeuw Centre Coordinator, ICRAF
Polly Ericksen Centre Coordinator, ILRI
Everisto Mapedza Centre Coordinator, IWMI
Antione Kalinganire Flagship Project Coordinator, West African Sahel and Dry Savannas
Hichem Ben Salem Flagship Project Coordinator, North Africa and West Asia
Sikhalazo Dube Flagship Project Coordinator, East and Southern Africa
Bogachan Benli  Flagship Project Coordinator, Central Asia
Shalander Kumar Flagship Project Coordinator, South Asia / Action Site Coordinator, Rajasthan

Interdisciplinary Research Teams

The interdisciplinary research teams in each of the five flagships work to identify needs and research priorities at local and regional levels, and draft, monitor, and implement annual plans of work and budgets. Chaired by flagship coordinators appointed by the center coordinating the flagship, the teams are composed of representatives of each partner center (center focal points), local stakeholders and action site coordinators.

Name Role in Interdisciplinary Research Team  

West African Sahel and Dry Savannas

Kalinganire Antoine Chair - Flagship Coordinator
Arinloye Djalal Ademonla Gender Focal Point, ICRAF
Ayantunde Augustine Action Site Coordinator, Kano-Katsina-Maradi Transect (Nigeria and Niger) & Center Focal Point, ILRI
Bado Vincent Action Site Coordinator, Wa-Bobo-Sikasso Transect (Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Mali) & Center Focal Point, ICRISAT
Assefa Solomon Gizaw Center Focal Point, ICARDA
Vodouhe Sognon Raymond Center Focal Point, Bioversity
Kadyampakeni Davie Center Focal Point, IWMI
Carey Edward Center Focal Point, CIP
Kizito Fred Center Focal Point, CIAT
Toto Codjo Bernardin Representative, Reseau des Organisation Paysanne et de Producteurs de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Benin
Sawadogo Louis Representative, Institut de l'Environement et de Recherche Agricole, Burkina Faso
N'Diaye Ibrahima Representative, Institut d'Economie Rurale, Mali
Nouri Kassoum Maman Representative, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique du Niger, Niger
Yahaya Shehu Representative, Centre for Dryland Agriculture-Bayero University Kano, Nigeria
Daniel Annerose Representative, MANOBI- (A Private Company involved in linking Farmers to Market)
Bayala Jules Representative, ICRAF

North Africa and West Asia

Hichem Ben Salem Chair - Flagship Coordinator
Ali Nefzaoui Action Site Coordinator, Béni Khedache-Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia)
Atef Swelem Action Site Coordinator, Nile Delta (Egypt)
Mohammed Karrou Action Site Coordinator, Saiss (Morocco)
Rachid Mrabet Action Site Co-coordiantor, Saiss (Morocco)
Sami Sabry Action Site Co-coordinator, Nile Delta (Egypt)
Mohamed Ouessar Action Site Co-coordinator, Béni Khedache-Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia)
Jacques Wery Member
Hatem Belhouchette Member
Everisto Mapedza Center Coordinator, IWMI, Center Focal Point and Gender Network Chair
Mohamed El Mourid Representative, ICARDA
Ahmed Amri Representative, ICARDA
Mounir Louhaichi Representative, ICARDA
Dina Najjar Gender Focal Point, ICARDA
Charles Kleinermann Capacity Development Focal Point, ICARDA
Aden Aw-Hassan Representative, ICARDA
Michael Baum Representative, ICARDA

East and Southern Africa

Sikhalazo Dube Chair - Flagship Coordinator
Polly Ericksen Center Coordinator, ILRI and Gender Focal Point ILRI
Lulsuged Desta Center Coordinator, CIAT and Action Site Coordinator, Chinyanja Triangle (Changara-Ntcheu/Dedza) Transect
Mohammed Said Action Site Coordinator Marsabit-Yabello-East Shewa Transect
Everisto Mapedza Center Coordinator, IWMI, Center Focal Point and Gender Network Chair
Said Silim Center Focal Point, ICARDA
Karuturi P.C. Rao Center Focal Point, ICRISAT
Jojo Baidu-Forson Center Focal Point, Bioversity
Paul Demo Center Focal Point, CIP
Jan de Leeuw Center Coordinator, ICRAF and Center Focal Point, ICRAF

Central Asia

Theib Oweis Flagship Coordinator, ICARDA
Akmal Karimov Center Focal Point, IWMI
Muhhabat Turdieva Center Focal Point, Bioversity
Rusudan Mdivani Center Focal Point, CIP
Botir Dosov Action Site Coordinator, Fergana Valley (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan)
Bogachan Benli Action Site Coordinator, Aral Sea Region (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan)
Kristina Toderich Representative, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
Ravza Mavlyanova Representative, World Vegetable Center (AVRDC
Asia Khamzina Representative, Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn
Shukhrat Mukhamedjanov Representative, Scientific-Information Center of the Interstate Coordination Water Commission of the Central Asia (SIC ICWC)
Ombaev Abdirakhman Moldanazaruly Representative, Kazagroinnovation
Akmal Akramkhanov Representative, ICARDA
Ram Sharma Representative, ICARDA
Barbara Rischkowsky Representative, ICARDA
Nurali Saidov Representative, ICARDA
Nozilakhon Mukhamedova Representative, IWMI

South Asia

Kumar Shalander Chair - Flagship Coordinator, South Asia and Action Site Coordinator, Rajasthan
Anthony Whitbread Center Coordinator, ICRISAT
Kh Anantha Gender Focal Point, ICRISAT
Girish Chander Action Site Coordinator, Anantapur and Kurnool districts, Andhra Pradesh (India)
Thiagarajah Ramilan Action Site Coordinator, Bijapur district, Karnataka (India)
Abdul Majid Action Site Coordinator, Chakwal
Ashutosh Sarker Center Focal Point, ICARDA, India
Mathur Prem Center Focal Point, Bioversity, India
Mohinder Kadian Center Focal Point, CIP, India
Javed Rizvi Center Focal Point, ICRAF, India
Michael Blummel Center Focal Point, ILRI, India
Kakumanu Krishna Reddy Center Focal Point, IWMI, India
A. Suresh Representative, University of Agricultural Science - Dharwad, India
Prakash Tyagi Representative, Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti, India
Y. Reddy Representative, Accon Fraterna Ecology Center, India
Hassnain Shah Representative, National Agricultural Research Centre, Pakistan
Muhammad Tariq Representative, Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Pakistan
Murari Mohan Roy Representative, Central Arid Zone Research Institute, India
Ch Srinivasa Rao Representative, Central Research Institute for Drylands Agriculture, India
Y. Padmalatha Representative, Acharya N. G. Changa Agricultural University, India
Vinay Nagia Representative, ICARDA
Mounir Louhaichi Representative, ICARDA
Murali Krishna Gumma Representative, ICRISAT
Srinivasa Reddy Srigiri Representative, ICRISAT

Program Management Unit

Name Position
Richard Thomas Director
Enrico Bonaiuti Research Program Coordinator
Rima Dabbagh Finance Program Coordinator
Linda Fattal Program Adminstrator

Overarching Program Flagship

Name Position
Tana Lala-Pritchard Communication Program Coordinator
Enrico Bonaiuti Capacity Development Coordinator (acting)
Anja Gassner Chair of Data Management Working Group
Chandrashekhar Biradar Geo-informatics Unit Head
Murari Singh Biometrics & Statistics Section
Francesca Re Manning IP & Legal Adviser
Quang Bao Le Agricultural Livelihood Systems Expert
Karin Reinprecht Gender Program Coordinator

Gender Integration Network

Name Role
Everisto Mapedza Chair, IWMI
Karin Reinprecht Co-Chair
Dina Najjar Gender Focal Point, ICARDA
Padmaja Ravula Gender Focal Point, ICRISAT
Mauricio Bellon Gender Focal Point, Bioversity
Katherine Ann Snyder Gender Focal Point, CIAT
Cecilia Turin Gender Focal Point, CIP
Djalal Ademonla Arinloye Gender Focal Point, ICRAF
Polly Ericksen Gender Focal Point, ILRI

Communications & Knowledge Sharing Network

Name Role 
Tana Lala-Pritchard Chair, Dryland Systems
Mark Cogan Communications Focal Point, ICARDA
Dorine Odongo Communications Focal Point, ILRI
Joanna Kane-Potaka  Communications Focal Point, ICRISAT
Joel Ranck Communications Focal Point, CIP
Akefetey Mamo Communications Focal Point, ICRAF
James Clarke Communications Focal Point, IWMI
Samantha Collins Communications Focal Point, Bioversity International 
Juliet Braslow Communications Focal Point, CIAT