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October 11, 2016

This week, October 10 to 17, we join the global CGIAR campaign to proudly celebrate our research contributions toward three UN International Days: International Day of Rural Women (15 Oct), World Food Day (16 Oct) and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 Oct).

July 19, 2016

ELD brings us closer to achieving a dynamic equilibrium between man, land and land-based ecosystems.

June 13, 2016

Major land restoration project in Dryland Africa tackles the challenge head on.

April 20, 2016

ICRAF scientists, Leigh Winowiecki and Tor-Gunnar Vågen share their insights and reflections on tree-based systems research in Africa.


April 18, 2016

The 2016 International Conference on Pulses for Health, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture in Drylands gathers world experts to find a path forward for boosting pulses production in the developing countries through measures in science, development investments, policy and markets.

April 06, 2016

CGIAR scientists spearheading agricultural research programs around the world gather with partners this week to set new research and investment priorities for the global agri-food science community.

March 07, 2016

While we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women, progress towards gender parity has actually slowed in many places. Urgent concrete action is needed to accelerate gender parity in drylands and around the world.

November 09, 2015

The new global agreement on land degradation neutrality will ensure a critical pathway for global action to meet the food, water, and energy needs of close to 10 billion people by year 2030. 

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